Want to be a tester for future projects?

I regularly need experienced crocheters and knitters to test patterns before releasing to check for mistakes. Please, fill in the form if you'd like to be part of the testing call group! You get to be part of the design process, a free pattern, a new garment at the end and the chance to work with some wonderful people!

Name *
It's important for me to be able to see your knit and crochet work and the kind of pictures that you take. I can't see you content if you have a Private Instagram account.
I want to know this in case there's ever the opportunity for yarn support and to be aware of time zones.
What's your craft? What level of ability do you have in your craft? *
Are you able to deliver high quality photos with good lighting of the garment being worn?
Based on the following measurements, what size are you interested in testing? *
BUST: (XS) 71-76, (S) 81-86, (M) 92-96, (L) 101-106, (XL) 111-117, (XXL) 122-127, (3XL) 132-137 cm WAIST: (XS) 58-61, (S) 64-67, (M) 71-76, (L) 82-87, (XL) 92-97, (XXL) 102-107, (3XL) 112-114 cm