About Handmade Items

What materials do you use?

We mostly work with two materials for tops and bikinis.
One is 100% cotton yarn, which looks more bohemian and rustic, and is very comfortable to wear as it holds its shape better, but might get a bit heavy in the water.
I also work with elastic yarn, which is 92% Microfiber. This acrylic yarn is stretchy and keeps its shape much better in the water and also dries quicker. It’s lighter and thinner, which means that the stitches might separate when stretched. Lining is recommended with this yarn.

Can I swim in a crochet bikini?

Definitely yes. Cotton yarn gets a bit heavy in the water and it might take a bit longer than usual to dry, but it’s perfectly comfortable for swimming. However, elastic microfiber is much more suitable for swimming since it stretches and adapts to your body more easily.

What do I do if I don’t know what size to pick?

Don’t worry! Send me a Custom Request, tell me what you’re interested in and I will help you pick the right size for you. Remember, everything is handmade to your size, so it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it exactly right, as long as I have your correct measurements.

What measurement do you need?

For bikini top sizes, measure your favorite bikini and compare it to the chart provided in the listing pictures. Choose the one that is the most similar in size.

You can also measure your BUST (over your breasts through your nipple and around your body) and your UNDERBUST (right under your breasts around your body) and include these measurements in a message when you order. I can then figure out your bra size from there. 

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding sizing so that your garment fits perfectly.

What if you don’t have listed the color that I want?

Simply send me a Costum Request and tell me what you’re looking for. Chances are I can get it!

About Patterns

What yarn size do I need to make your patterns?

All of the patterns specify what yarn was used to make the sample, however, you don’t need to use that same yarn. The sizes given in the Crochet and Knitting Standards by the Craft Yarn Council are the ones referenced. You can find them on yarnstandars.com. The pattern will always specify the category name and size (for example: fingering, size 1). If this doesn’t work for you, can always look for a yarn that has similar specifications to the one used for the sample.

How do I know which size to make?

The patterns come in different sizes, most of them XS – 3XL. In the Sizes and Measurements section of the pattern, you can find the measurements of the finished item or the equivalents to bra size. Choose the size that gets closer to yours.

How important is gauge?

Gauge is very important. It tells us how many stitches and rows you can fit in a 10×10 cm square. When the stitches are bigger, then you can fit less. When they are smaller, you can fit more. Our patterns are designed based on this number, so when your gauge is off, then the measurements of the final garment will also be off. The best way to check your gauge is to make a gauge swatch. You should cast on or chain at least one and a half times the number of sts on the gauge. For example, if the gauge is 12 sts x 10 rows, you should ch or CO at least 18 sts. Then work as many rows as necessary to make a square. Measure a 10×10 cm square inside your swatch and check that the number of sts and rows is correct. If it’s off, try tightening or loosening your tension by working with different needles or hook.

What language are your patterns in?

(Español abajo.)
Not all patterns are translated to Spanish yet. Please read the pattern description and look at the cover picture to make sure that it’s in Spanish before purchasing.
Those that are translated only have one PDF. This file includes both versions of the pattern as a merged document.
No todos mis patrones están traducidos al Español todavía. Por favor, lee la descripción del producto y ve la foto de cubierta para asegurarte de que está en Español.
El PDF de aquellos patrones en Español incluye la version en Inglés y en Español en el mismo archivo.

Can I sell items made with your patterns?

The patterns are for personal use. I do not authorize the sale or distribution of the pattern itself or the pictures in it. The finished item may be sold or distributed. However, I ask for it to be recognized as a Nomad Stitches design. Thank you