Working with Darn Good Yarns Silk Thread

So, I’m cheap and have never been much for splashing out. And when Darn Good Yarns approached me with the idea of a collaboration, I jumped at the chance of working with some out-there fancy materials and get some exposure.

But the moment that I looked more into them, their mission and their way of work, my interest automatically spiked ten fold! On their About Us section, they talk about where the shop came and why they started it and this quote sums it all up:

There are special stories of hard work, love and creativity wrapped into everything you find at Darn Good Yarn. From the artisan to the person who packs our orders, Darn Good Yarn is fueled by infusing Good into all parts of our business.

I love that!

And then… I got my yarn on the mail! And it was something that I’d never tried before! I asked for the 100% silk yarn with handmade glass beads. And it’s seriously awesome!

It’s thin, soft, delicate and has such an incredible drape. And the beads!!! I mean, I have to admit that those beads got me completely! They’re so dainty and now that I’ve finished my garment, they tend to jingle when I wear my Kimono and it seriously makes me giddy.

Bottom line, I’m definitely using their products again. And not just that! I think this slow fashion movement calls us to be more conscious of our planet and those in it, and supporting ethical businesses should really be a priority. So DO IT! Support a good cause and get yourself something pretty while you’re at it!

You can visit their page HERE to check out the full Under the Sea Kimono Kit and with the code NOMADSTITCHES15 you can get 15% off on all of your fiber purchases! Or, you can always get the beginner friendly pattern from our shop.

And if you know of any other ethically responsible fiber companies, please, share in the comments your recommendations. I’m definitely checking them out.

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