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Welcome to Nomad Stitches

Hi friends!

This is my first official post, and as such, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and the philosophy behind my shop.

I´m an International Boho from Mexico. I go to new countries, I live there, make friends there, work, eat, play and then pack up and go somewhere new. It may sound heartless, but believe me, these experiences have only filled me with love!

 Living and working in Taiwan was my first experience in a country where I didn't speak the language. I miss it all the time!
Living and working in Taiwan was my first experience in a country where I didn’t speak the language. I miss it all the time!

I’d always tried being artistic and creative, but I never really succeed. I tried singing and playing the guitar as a teenager, but I’ve got no musical talent whatsoever! My parents definitely lied to me about this one. I became obsessed with knitting around university time, but since I was too poor, instead of buying patterns I would free hand my projects. I thought this was quite normal until my mother mentioned that it was quite special.

It took a lot of people saying that I was good and talented to get me to believe it, as it happens to a lot of us. We see greatness in others and fail to see it in ourselves. But, with renewed motivation, last summer I started crocheting bikini tops, baby shoes, earings and other knick knacks and setting up shop on the “artisans” road in Valencia, Spain with all of the other hippie makers. On good days, I could sell a couple of things. On bad days, I would sit in the heat for 5 hours and sell nothing! But still, that feeling I got whenever someone liked my work enough to pay me for it filled me with so much excitement!

 My stand on the streets of Valencia.
My stand on the streets of Valencia.

From then on, I´ve made it my mission to create something everyday. I constantly look for inspiration in my daily life and, even if it´s in a very small way, make a difference. And more than anything, I want my work to travel even more than I do, to see things that I never will. So keep the stitches nomad, use my patterns, send items to other places of the world; let me make you something pretty and ship it to your corner of the world. This is what I´m about: connectedness, creativity and love.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for future posts. And if you don´t already do it, join me on Instagram (@NomadStitiches) or signup to my newsletter to follow promotions and new projects!


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